Habermas, “Public sphere”

According to Habermas, the existence of the (bourgeois) public sphere seems to historically emerge from the needs for private bourgeois persons (as a class) to represent themselves and the demand to defend their status against the power of the state, after the disintegration of the feudal powers in the late 18th century. While the public sphere has been working as a mediated space, or in Gramscian sense, civil society, where class struggles for grasping hegemony persist, it has contributed to the maintenance and the extension of bourgeois power in capitalist society. In this sense, can we consider the “public sphere” in late capitalism a sort of the place for “crisis management”, where discursive arena through which the state propaganda spreads and the capitalist (and commercial) value prevails, in order to make the liberal-democratic capitalism balanced and to keep it going?


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